Whittier Stamped Concrete

Timendous Trees And Landscape Services is making Whittier more beautiful one home at a time. The value of stamped concrete by Trimendous Trees and Landscape Services substantiates itself over and over again in all types of projects. From driveways and patios to business parks, office complexes and shopping centers, stamped concrete is chosen for its affinity to add value, such as reduced costs, captivating final products, and easy maintenance. Along with the known resilience of regular concrete, stamped concrete adds an enhancing touch, making it a desirable and economical choice for all of your Whittier projects.


With over 32 years of experience, we’ve arrayed hundreds of homes and business with our equisite stamped concrete work. Whether it’s a patio, walkway, garden path, or driveway, we warrant our work from start to finish.

Stamped Concrete Artisans Increase The Value of Your Whittier Property

Nothing deepens the allure and value of your home or business like stamped concrete. Economical, durable and easy to maintain, stamped concrete is the most selected option for homes and businesses in Whittier.

Decorative stamped concrete is a pleasing option to natural paving materials or plain poured concrete. As stamped concrete experts and artisans, we can create many different looks to give you the look you strive for.

Here are the main ways stamped concrete offers real benefits in terms of performance, cost savings, and style

  • Reduced long-term maintenance and care
  • Less labor intensive than other surface materials
  • Increased longevity
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Increases resale value of property

Your Stamped Concrete Professionals in Whittier

As stamped concrete experts and artisans, we look forward to helping you make your Whittier home or business more gorgeous with a painless stamped concrete installation. Call us now to schedule your free estimate. At Trimendous Trees and Landscape Services, your piece of mind is our primary goal. Trust us to do it right. We will complete your project on time, on budget and most importantly to your great satisfaction.